7 thoughts on “My Radio Interview

  1. Well man, I’ve been curious since first coming across your blog and, after listening to your interview, I went ahead and bought the Kindle edition of Black Dog today. Looking forward to reading it during an upcoming vacation trip to Bogota. And hey man, nothing wrong with digging the Bee Gees — I’ll put on Trafalgar every once in a while in between Venom and Mindfunk …

      • Thought I should come back and confirm that I really did enjoy your book (and wrote a positive review on Amazon). I read it over a couple days while on vacation and took time to set it aside, pick up the iPod, and listen to the plot-relevant tunes as I went along. It was a blast. (And I was especially proud in some goofy way to have had ALL those songs at my fingertips.) Kudos and thanks!

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