Hardcore Self-Publishing

I self-published my first book, ‘Black Dog’, in 2011. I formed a company called Backstage Pass Publishing and used Lightning Source as my printer.

 I have since published four books, and my most recent is a hardcover version of ‘Black Dog’. Since it was my first book, the paperback version was very simply formatted, using Times New Roman. The desire to release an updated and reformatted version had crossed my mind numerous times.

 When Lightning Source recently offered a free setup promotion for hardcovers, I saw it as a great opportunity to release what I call the ‘Platinum Edition’ of my first book. Free setup means that the normal $75 total for the cover and bookblock file uploads was waived. This is the third time I’ve used that type of promotion.

 For you self-pubbers out there, I will divulge the cost. Each book costs $10.62, which includes shipping. The book is 286 pages. The list price is $17.95. The book is case laminated with a matte finish, and the quality is excellent.

 I’m not one for putting up ‘how to’ blog posts, but I wanted to show what can be accomplished with Lightning Source. Here are some photos of the cover, title page, and interior. Best of luck in your own publishing endeavors.

Title Page

8 thoughts on “Hardcore Self-Publishing

  1. Hi Matt, I got your book today – it looks good, is in perfect condition, and is great fun so far. I love having Mr. Price for a narrator, lol! 😀

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