Now You’re Messin’ with a Son of a Bitch

You’ve heard the Nazareth song all your life. You might have even heard the song in your head as you read the title. But why is the song called, ‘Hair of the Dog’? 

It’s an amusing story and decidedly British. The logical name of the song would be “Son of a Bitch” or something fancy like “(Now You’re Messin’ With A) Son of a Bitch”. Good luck getting the deejay to say that on air.

 Which brings up another point. I’ve heard this song on the radio for thirty years, and I’ve never heard it bleeped out or censored in any way. Hmmm….

 Back to the story. It involves some very clever wordplay, so pay attention.

 The ‘son’ of a ‘bitch’ could also be called the ‘heir’ of the ‘dog’. You with me? Although not in total agreement with the strict dictionary definition, ‘heir’ can roughly translate to ‘offspring’. Thus, ‘son of a bitch’ could be titled, “Heir of the Dog”, and aren’t we clever British lads?

 One problem – that got vetoed by the record company.

 The solution? Dumb the title down to ‘Hair of the Dog’ and let the fans come up with some explanation for how that relates to the song’s lyrics.

 Here’s another little known fact about Nazareth. Axl Rose totally ripped off the lead singer’s style. I learned that from the Rock and Roll Geek Show.

 Until next time…

6 thoughts on “Now You’re Messin’ with a Son of a Bitch

  1. Very insightful, Matt! Growing up with that album, I always wondered about the title and it’s meaning….and now cannot believe I never made the connection! LOL! …..oh, and damn, “Heir of the Dog” would have been such a great album title!! Too bad….of course on the upside, I guess the title’s still up for grabs!? Use it quick, dude! 😉

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