The Rock and Roll Geek Show Podcast

So I just got a smart phone last November. I take that back. I got a smart phone last summer, but it was not a very smart phone. It showed me the possibilities, but was very limited, especially in storage. It could accommodate about three apps.

When I got my new and much better phone, I enjoyed listening to music and audiobooks. Eventually, I yearned for something different and discovered the joy of podcasts. I use the Stitcher app, but I’m sure there are others.

There are podcasts dedicated to every subject, and as an indie author I love the ability for some random guy in his bedroom to will himself into the next Wolfman Jack, thanks to our digital age. Gatekeepers be damned!

I might as well plug my ‘Band On The Run’ book series here, because the protagonist, James Blank, imagines himself to be a radio deejay, ala the Wolfman, broadcasting from a little shack in the desert, ala ‘American Graffiti’. Plug over, read on.

I’m a big fan of talk radio, and these podcasts are talk radio for self-publishing, nutrition, sports, exercise, whatever.

And did I mention rock and roll?

Which brings me to the Rock and Roll Geek Show, my favorite podcast. It’s hosted by Michael Butler, bass player for many bands over the years, including a stint in Exodus. Don’t let that fool you. The guy’s favorite band is Cheap Trick. The show is one of the original podcasts, running over eight years and 500 shows.

Michael Butler has a wealth of musical knowledge and an hilarious, self-deprecating sense of humor. Here’s a great episode of the Rock and Roll Geek Show, featuring an interview with the manager of the Ramones. If you love rock and roll like me and Michael Butler, you’ll be a fan after listening. Enjoy.


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