I Met The Rooster

The show was Alice In Chains, Circus of Power, and Masters of Reality. The year was 1993. The concert was at the OKC Fairgrounds, which was a strange venue. My friends and I were doing our usual routine of hanging out, drinking beer, and loitering near the backstage door. Inside, Alice In Chains was wrapping up their soundcheck. When the music stopped, we readied ourselves with pens and paper in hand.

On cue, out came the members of Alice. They were very cordial and even stood around making small talk for a while with us. At one point, Jerry Cantrell announced to us that we were lucky enough to meet the real-life Rooster from the great Alice In Chains song of the same name. “This is my dad, Jerry Sr., The Rooster,” he said, and we shook hands with the older man. I would have gotten The Rooster’s signature if I would have known I would be blogging about it twenty years later, but you must forgive that because there were no such things as blogs in 1993.

Before you doubt this unlikely story, I will remind you that Jerry Cantrell Sr. is from Boggy Depot, Oklahoma. Jerry Jr. even named one of his solo albums after the town and filmed some music videos there. Boggy Depot is now only a ghost town remnant of a once-thriving town near the present-day town of Atoka.

Here’s a couple really bad pictures of our little meet and greet. I’m the one in the denim shirt.



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