X Marks The Spot

One of the blogs I follow here on WordPress is “Every Record Tells A Story”. The posts are consistently some of the best out there and are particularly well researched.

 The subject of his latest post is the band, King’s X, specifically their performance at the London Marquee in 1989. You can read it here – http://everyrecordtellsastory.com/2013/03/30/kings-x-this-band-was-once-the-future-of-rock/

 I was a college student at that time, and I sent a letter to King’s X, asking where I could purchase their first album, since I couldn’t locate it in that pre-internet era. The year was 1990.

 I was pleasantly surprised to have my letter personally answered by the band’s bassist, Doug Pinnick. Most amazing is the penmanship. Written in felt pen, it is without error and perfectly straight without the aid of lined paper. Impressive.

 Along with the letter was enclosed a picture of the band on stage in front of a giant Texas flag. Written on the picture are the words, “2 Matt Thanks for the support DOUG” and “London Marquee ’89”.

 So as you can see, WordPress has facilitated a digital connection between London and South Texas, something that couldn’t happen back in 1989.


4 thoughts on “X Marks The Spot

  1. This is great on so many levels. Firstly, thanks for the kind words. Secondly – thanks for posting the photo – I am in the crowd (alongside a couple of the Anthrax dudes) am somewhere – that’ll be the second show they did after “Gretchen” – and you can see just how packed the crowd was that night from that picture taken from the balcony (where the sound board was). Great memories. Third: Just how cool is Doug Pinnick, taking time out to write to you? Thanks again for posting – very nice indeed.

  2. Late to the blog post party, but long time King’s X fan here, and lucky me….I live just south of Houston! So I get to see them every time they come back home to play. They played Scout Bar about a month ago and it freaking rocked! Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen them, it’s always worth it to see them again.

    I’ve run into Doug a couple of times many years ago at various shows, in particular I remember chatting with him at a show at Fitzgeralds. I still can’t believe Dogman didn’t launch them to stardom. That album was the perfect mix of the popular grunge sound of the time with the signature King’s X harmonies and songwriting style. So heavy and melodic.

    Thanks for the posts guys (I came here via the Every Record Tells a Story post, King’s X Twitter account just linked to it.

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